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The Northern Mariner - Index of conference papers

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Note: This index is also available in .pdf format.

From Empire to In(ter)dependence: The Canadian Navy and the Commonwealth Experience, 1910-2010

Proceedings of the Canadian Navy Centennial / Ninth Maritime Command (MARCOM) History Conference

This conference was organized by the Commander Maritime Command (MARCOM) in association with the Canadian War Museum (CWM) and the Naval Officers Association of Canada (NOAC / Ottawa Branch) at the CWM on 05-06 May 2010. The papers were jointly published in 2014 in The Northern Mariner/Le marin du nord (Vol. XXIV, nos. 3 and 4) and Canadian Military History (Vol. 23, nos. 3 and 4.)

Introduction, by Richard Gimblett, Navy Centennial Conference Proceedings / iii

Part 1: Preface

Christopher McKee, 'Imitation is...': A Plea for Comparative Naval History / 1

James Goldrick, From Fleets to Navies: The Evolution of Dominion Fleets into Independent Navies of the Commonwealth / 6

Part 2: National Naval Experiences

Roger Sarty, A Navy of Necessity: Canadian Naval Forces, 1867-2014 / 32

David Stevens, The Australian Naval Experience, 1901-2010 / 60

C. Uday Bhaskar, The Indian Navy: Challenges of a 'Cinderella Service' / 75

Allan du Toit, The Long Haul: The Evolution and Development of an Independent South African Navy / 82

Michael Wynd, Small Steps from Empire to Independence: The Royal New Zealand Navy, 1910-2010 / 104

Joshua Ho, The Republic of Singapore Navy: From Humble Beginnings to a Balanced Fleet / 124

Part 3: Formative Circumstances

Chris Madsen, Imperial Defence in the Indian Ocean, 1928-60 / 135

John Hattendorf, Commonwealth Navies as Seen by the United States Navy, 1910-2010 / 157

Part 4: Working Together

Peter Haydon, A Tale of Two Navies: Building the Canada-United States Cold War Naval Relationship / 176

Norman Friedman, The Commonwealth Approach to Atlantic Warfare, 1945-55 / 195

Ed Marolda, Cold War Allies: Commonwealth and United States Naval Cooperation in Asian Waters / 214

Laurence Hickey, The Submarine Service: Cross-Connect Open to the Allied System / 235

Jason Delaney, The One Class of Vessel that is Impossible to Build in Australia Canada / 260

Richard Greenwood, An Engineer's Outline of RCN History, Part III (1970-2014) / 273

Stephen Prince, The Post-Imperial Relationship with the Royal Navy: On the Beach? / 296

Part 5: Strategy for the Navy's Second Century

Nicholas Tracy, Canada's Naval Strategy: Purposeful Force, Collective Action and National Responsibility / 311

Rob Huebert, The Quest for a Canadian Naval Strategy 1991-2014: Why it Matters / 324

Geoffrey Till, A Commonwealth Naval Strategy in the 21st Century? / 336

Vice-Admiral Dean McFadden, The Navy and Canada's National Interests in this Maritime Century / 349

Part 6: Afterthought

Peter Hore, Canada From Afar: Canadian Naval Persons in the Daily Telegraph Obituaries / 357



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