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Canadian Nautical Research Society - Conferences

2018 Conferences

Lower Lakes, Upper Lakes: Connecting Maritime Heritage

The 2018 CNRS-SCRN Conference and Annual General Meeting will be held in Toronto, Ontario, 21-23 June 2018.

Sharing a border with the United States across the great inland lakes of North America, Canada and a large part of its population developed along internal waterways. Toronto, the venue for this year's conference, once had great ambitions for economic growth driven by port industries, but a century later residential, recreational, and cultural plans encourage citizens to reimagine the waterfront as a metropolitan gateway reconnected to the lake, the surrounding hinterland, and the greater world. The conference celebrates these connections to a maritime past that is so often lost in the bustle of everyday lives along the Lower Lakes, with the focus extended to the Upper Lakes at the 2019 conference to be held in Thunder Bay. Topics could include:

  • Shipping, maritime commerce, and trade
  • Ships and shipbuilding
  • Ports and harbour management
  • Maritime labour
  • Development of urban waterfronts
  • Environmental studies, including water levels and quality, and weather
  • First Nations and indigenous peoples
  • Marine archaeology and management of heritage resources
  • The Great Lakes in popular culture and literature
  • Naval aspects

CNRS 2018 : details of the Program are available here.

CNRS 2018 : the Registration form is available here in pdf format.


Centre of Maritime History: "What is maritime history?"

This First Symposium is to inaugurate the new Centre of Maritime History (CMH) of the Institute for Mediterranean Studies. It is meant to bring together some of the members of the group of Maritime Historians that have marked the path of Maritime History in the last forty years. Full details available here.

Professor Lewis R. (Skip) Fischer (1946-2018), (one of the founding editors of The Northern Mariner), was one of the "patriarchs" of Maritime History and paved the way for its organization worldwide since the 1980s. He had looked very much forward to this meeting, but unfortunately he passed away on 11 February 2018. The CMH has thus decided to dedicate this First Symposium to him, hoping to continue his work from this part of the world.


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