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2019 Conferences

Lower Lakes, Upper Lakes: Connecting Maritime Heritage, Part 2

The 2019 CNRS-SCRN Conference and Annual General Meeting will be held in Thunder Bay, Ontario, 22-24 August 2019.

The Upper Great Lakes have been significantly impacted by transportation systems that merged water with land. The westerly movement of people, manufactured goods, and coal led to the easterly shipment of grain and iron ore. Settlements emerged where steamships could connect with railways, with an infrastructure of elevators, freight sheds, and port-related industries such as dry docks and shipbuilding. Shipping and port activities left a rich legacy of memory, artifacts, and documents that have begun to fade with the transition of these waterfront communities to residential and recreational uses. Proposals are invited for presentations that explore the maritime heritage of the Upper Lakes from a wide variety of perspectives. Topics of interest could include:

  • Shipping, maritime commerce, and trade
  • Ships and shipbuilding
  • Ports and harbour management
  • Maritime labour
  • Development of urban waterfronts
  • Environmental studies, including water levels and quality, and weather
  • First Nations and indigenous peoples
  • Marine archaeology and management of heritage resources, including vessels
  • The Great Lakes in popular culture, including literature, film, and music
  • Naval aspects of the Great Lakes
  • Proposals on other maritime topics from all time periods are also welcome. The Canadian Nautical Research Society is committed to making maritime history more accessible, and to fostering a culture of inclusion. We invite interdisciplinary proposals from speakers who will contribute to the diversification of our discussions and community. We also encourage publication of expanded versions of final papers in our journal, The Northern Mariner/Le marin du nord, or in our quarterly publication, Argonauta.

    Please send a working title, a brief abstract of up to 300 words, and a short biographical sketch no later than 1 March 2019 by email to, or by regular mail to: Chris Madsen, Canadian Forces College, 215 Yonge Blvd., Toronto, Ontario M5M 3H9, Canada.

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