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Le marin du nord - Table des matières Volume XXIV - 2014

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À noter : Cette table des matières est aussi disponible en format .pdf.

La Marine canadienne et l'expérience du Commonwealth, 1910-2010 - de l'empire à l'in(ter)dépendance

Actes du Centenaire de la Marine canadienne / neuvième conférence d'histoire navale du Commandement maritime (COMAR)

Cette conférence était organisée par le Commandant du Commandement maritime et chef d'état-major de la Force maritime en association avec le Musée canadien de la guerre (MCG) et l'Association navale du Canada (Ottawa) chez le MCG, 05-06 mai 2010. Les papiers étaient publiés conjointement en 2014 dans The Northern Mariner/Le marin du nord (Vol. XXIV, nos. 3 et 4) et Canadian Military History (Vol. 23, nos. 3 et 4.)

Introduction, by Richard Gimblett, Navy Centennial Conference Proceedings / iii

Part 1: Preface

Christopher McKee, 'Imitation is...': A Plea for Comparative Naval History / 1

James Goldrick, From Fleets to Navies: The Evolution of Dominion Fleets into Independent Navies of the Commonwealth / 6

Part 2: National Naval Experiences

Roger Sarty, A Navy of Necessity: Canadian Naval Forces, 1867-2014 / 32

David Stevens, The Australian Naval Experience, 1901-2010 / 60

C. Uday Bhaskar, The Indian Navy: Challenges of a 'Cinderella Service' / 75

Allan du Toit, The Long Haul: The Evolution and Development of an Independent South African Navy / 82

Michael Wynd, Small Steps from Empire to Independence: The Royal New Zealand Navy, 1910-2010 / 104

Joshua Ho, The Republic of Singapore Navy: From Humble Beginnings to a Balanced Fleet / 124

Part 3: Formative Circumstances

Chris Madsen, Imperial Defence in the Indian Ocean, 1928-60 / 135

John Hattendorf, Commonwealth Navies as Seen by the United States Navy, 1910-2010 / 157

Part 4: Working Together

Peter Haydon, A Tale of Two Navies: Building the Canada-United States Cold War Naval Relationship / 176

Norman Friedman, The Commonwealth Approach to Atlantic Warfare, 1945-55 / 195

Ed Marolda, Cold War Allies: Commonwealth and United States Naval Cooperation in Asian Waters / 214

Laurence Hickey, The Submarine Service: Cross-Connect Open to the Allied System / 235

Jason Delaney, The One Class of Vessel that is Impossible to Build in Australia Canada / 260

Richard Greenwood, An Engineer's Outline of RCN History, Part III (1970-2014) / 273

Stephen Prince, The Post-Imperial Relationship with the Royal Navy: On the Beach? / 296

Part 5: Strategy for the Navy's Second Century

Nicholas Tracy, Canada's Naval Strategy: Purposeful Force, Collective Action and National Responsibility / 311

Rob Huebert, The Quest for a Canadian Naval Strategy 1991-2014: Why it Matters / 324

Geoffrey Till, A Commonwealth Naval Strategy in the 21st Century? / 336

Vice-Admiral Dean McFadden, The Navy and Canada's National Interests in this Maritime Century / 349

Part 6: Afterthought

Peter Hore, Canada From Afar: Canadian Naval Persons in the Daily Telegraph Obituaries / 357


Table des matières [fichiers disponibles en-ligne].


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