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By-Laws of the Society

Interested parties may receive a printed copy of the Society's by-laws by applying in writing, or in Adobe pdf format here. Key points are as follows:

  • the purpose of the Society is to promote in Canada the study of ships, shipping affairs, the men and women associated with them, and their relationship with the development of societies and maritime environments.
  • to this end, the Society shall:
    • sponsor interdisciplinary nautical research among members by organizing meetings, arranging for the exchange of information, co-operating with other groups, museums, universities, schools and interested persons;
    • publish a quarterly newsletter reporting developments in the field of nautical research and containing original articles, notes and transcripts of documents;
    • publish a Canadian journal of nautical research;
    • offer awards recognizing merit of articles and books published on maritime subjects;
    • offer an award promoting new scholarship;
    • offer an award for merit in special recognition of excellence in Canadian nautical research applicable to individuals or institutions, or for an extraordinary contribution to the Society
  • the Society is non-sectarian, non-racial and non-political, and shall not have any religious, racial or political affiliation.
  • the Society is a non-profit organization and shall be carried on without the purpose of pecuniary gain for its members, councillors or officers. Any profits or accretions to the Society shall be used solely for the support of the objectives of the Society. Officers and Councillors shall receive no renumeration for their services.
  • every person and institution supporting the aims of the Society is eligible to become a Member.
  • the Annual General Meeting of the Members of the Society shall be held at a time and place to be determined by the Council, normally between the end of April and the Beginning of September. Any two consecutive Annual General Meetings shall not be more than fifteen months apart. At every Annual General Meeting, in addition to any other business that may be transacted, the financial statement and report of the auditor or reviewer shall be presented.


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