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Le marin du nord - Table des matières Volume XXIV - 2014

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Introduction, by Richard Gimblett Navy Centennial Conference Proceedings (nos. 3-4) / iii

C. Uday Bhaskar, The Indian Navy: Challenges of a 'Cinderella Service' (nos. 3-4) / 75

Rodney Carlisle, The Muscat Dhows Case in Historical Perspective (nos. 1-2) / 23

Jason Delaney, The One Class of Vessel that is Impossible to Build in Australia Canada (nos. 3-4) / 260

W.A.B. Douglas, A bloody war and a sickly season. The remarkable career of Admiral Sir Charles Edmund Kingsmill, RN (nos. 1-2) / 41

Norman Friedman, The Commonwealth Approach to Atlantic Warfare, 1945-55 (nos. 3-4) / 195

James Goldrick, From Fleets to Navies: The Evolution of Dominion Fleets into Independent Navies of the Commonwealth (nos. 3-4) / 6

Richard Greenwood, An Engineer's Outline of RCN History, Part III (1970-2014) (nos. 3-4) / 273

John T. Grider, "Tis a shameful confession": steam power and the Pacific maritime labor community (nos. 1-2) / 111

John Hattendorf, Commonwealth Navies as Seen by the United States Navy, 1910-2010 (nos. 3-4) / 157

Peter Haydon, A Tale of Two Navies: Building the Canada-United States Cold War Naval Relationship (nos. 3-4) / 176

Laurence Hickey, The Submarine Service: Cross-Connect Open to the Allied System (nos. 3-4) / 235

Joshua Ho, The Republic of Singapore Navy: From Humble Beginnings to a Balanced Fleet (nos. 3-4) / 124

Peter Hore, Canada From Afar: Canadian Naval Persons in the Daily Telegraph Obituaries (nos. 3-4) / 357

Rob Huebert, The Quest for a Canadian Naval Strategy 1991-2014: Why it Matters (nos. 3-4) / 324

Chris Madsen, Imperial Defence in the Indian Ocean, 1928-60 (nos. 3-4) / 135

Ed Marolda, Cold War Allies: Commonwealth and United States Naval Cooperation in Asian Waters (nos. 3-4) / 214

Vice-Admiral Dean McFadden, The Navy and Canada's National Interests in this Maritime Century (nos. 3-4) / 349

Christopher McKee, 'Imitation is...': A Plea for Comparative Naval History (nos. 3-4) / 1

Stephen Prince, The Post-Imperial Relationship with the Royal Navy: On the Beach? (nos. 3-4) / 296

Roger Sarty, A Navy of Necessity: Canadian Naval Forces, 1867-2014 (nos. 3-4) / 32

David Stevens, The Australian Naval Experience, 1901-2010 (nos. 3-4) / 60

Geoffrey Till, A Commonwealth Naval Strategy in the 21st Century? (nos. 3-4) / 336

Allan du Toit, The Long Haul: The Evolution and Development of an Independent South African Navy (nos. 3-4) / 82

Nicholas Tracy, Canada's Naval Strategy: Purposeful Force, Collective Action and National Responsibility (nos. 3-4) / 311

John J. Van West, Anthropological Fieldwork among the Commercial Fishermen of Port Dover, Ontario, 1977-1978: Chronicling the Cultural Traditions of an Occupational Community in a Lake Erie Commercial Fishing Port (nos. 1-2) / 1

David F. Winkler, The construction of USS Atlanta and the Navy seizure of Federal Shipbuilding (nos. 1-2) / 135

Michael Wynd, Small Steps from Empire to Independence: The Royal New Zealand Navy, 1910-2010 (nos. 3-4) / 104


The Battle of Lake Erie: American Perspectives on the Battle and its Aftermath: David Frew, Perry's Lake Erie Fleet: After the Glory; Walter P. Rybka, The Lake Erie Campaign of 1813: I Shall Fight Them This Day; David Curtis Skaggs (ed.), The Battle of Lake Erie and its Aftermath: A Reassessment by Thomas Malcomson (nos. 1-2) / 153


Critiques de livres Vol. XXIV, No. 1 (index général),
Critiques de livres Vol. XXIV, No. 2 (index général).
Les nos. 3 et 4 ne contiennent uacune critique.

J.P. Andrieux, The White Fleet. A History of the Portuguese Hand Liners by Ingo Heidbrink / 65

John C. Appleby, Women and English Piracy 1540-1720. Partners and Victims of Crime by Cheryl Fury / 66

Christopher M. Bell, Churchill and Sea Power by Jan Drent / 67

A. Bentley-Buckle, Through Albert's Eyes by Christopher Pearcy / 165

Richard Blake, Religion in the British Navy 1815-1879: Piety and Professionalism by Timothy Demy / 166

Jack Brower, The Battleship Bismarck by N. Roger Cole / 70

Adam Clulow, The Company. The Dutch Encounter with Tokugawa Japan by Jeffrey Shaw / 168

Bernard D. Cole, Asian Maritime Strategies: Navigating Troubled Waters by Edward Marolda / 71

Gary Collins, The Gale of 1929 by Ian Dew and Cathy Crewdson / 73

Quinton Colville and James Davey (eds.) Nelson, Navy & Nation. The Royal Navy and the British People 1688-1815 by Ian Yeates / 75

William L. Crothers, American-Built Packets and Freighters of the 1850s. An Illustrated Study of their Characteristics and Construction by Michael Clark / 169

Mark H. Danley and Patrick J. Speelman (eds.), The Seven Years' War: Global Views by Jonathan Dull / 76

George C. Daughan, Shining Sea. David Porter and the Epic voyage of the U.S.S. Essex during the War of 1812 by Louis A. Norton / 77

Ted E. Dubay, Three Knots to Nowhere – A Cold War Submariner on the Undersea Frontline by Norman Jolin / 171

Olaf T. Engvig, Legends in Sail by Rebecca Ingram / 172

Tex Geddes, Hebridean Sharker by Michael Clark / 79

R. Gertwagen and E. Jefferys (eds.), Shipping, Trade, and Crusade in the Medieval Mediterranean. Studies in Honour of John Pryor by Romney David Smith / 174

Nick Hewitt, The Kaiser's Pirates. Hunting Germany's Raiding Cruisers, 1914-15 by Edward Furgol / 175

Dr. William Hick, Canada's Pacific Gateways: realizing the Vision by Jan Drent / 177

Thomas C. Hone (ed.), The Battle of Midway. The Naval Institute Guide to the U.S. Navy's Greatest Victory by John Francis / 81

John Johnson-Allen, They Couldn't Have Done It Without Us. The Merchant Navy in the Falklands War by Ingo Heidbrink / 83

John Jordan, Warship 2013 by C. Douglas Maginley / 179

C.S. Knighton and David Loades (eds.), Elizabethan Naval Administration by Cheryl Fury / 181

Glen A. Knoblock, The American Clipper Ship, 1845-1920 by Wayne Abrahamson / 182

Angus Konstam, Blackbeard's Last Fight. Pirate Hunting in North Carolina 1718 by Patricia Risso / 183

Angus Konstam, Pirate: The Golden Age by Patricia Risso / 183

Mark Lardas, Great Lakes Warships, 1812-1815 by Michael Dove / 184

John B. Lundstrom, Black Shoe Carrier Admiral: Frank Jack Fletcher at Coral Sea, Midway & Guadalcanal by John Francis / 186

Owen Matthews, Glorious Misadventures: Nicolai Rezanov and the Dream of a Russian America by C. Douglas Maginley / 84

Gavin Maxwell, Harpoon at a Venture by Michael Clark / 85

John H. Maurer and Christopher M. Bell (eds.), At the Crossroads Between Peace and War: The London Naval Conference of 1930 by Tavis Harris / 189

Vincent McInerney, (ed.), Rolling Home: William Morris Barnes by Michael Dove / 87

John McKay, The 100-gun Ship Victory by N. Roger Cole / 190

Ian McLaughlin, The Sloop of War 1650-1763 by Larry Bartlett / 191

Julian R. McQuiston, William B. Cushing in the Far East: A Civil War Naval Hero Abroad, 1865-1869 by Michael Verney / 193

Elaine Murphy, Ireland and the War at Sea, 1641-1653 by William Miles / 89

Charles Nordhoff, Man-of-War Life by Louis Arthur Norton / 90

Lincoln Paine, The Sea and Civilization. A Maritime History of the World by Louis A. Norton / 195

James Robert Parish, Pirates and Seafaring Swashbucklers on the Hollywood Screen: Plots, Critiques, Cast and Credits for 137 Theatrical and Made-for-Television Releases by Cheryl Fury / 197

Philip G. Pattee, At War in Distant Waters. British Colonial Defense in the Great War by Andrew Forney / 92

Matthew Taylor Rafferty, The Republic Afloat by Thomas Sheppard / 198

Joseph-Mathias Gérard de Rayneval, On the Freedom of the Sea by Frederick Leiner / 199

John Rieske (ed.). Hunting the Essex: A Journal of the voyage of HMS Phoebe 1813-1814 by Midshipman Allen Gardiner by Louis Arthur Norton / 93

Jennifer Schell, "A Bold and Hardy Race of Men". The Lives and Literature of American Whalemen by Louis A. Norton / 202

Robert Shenk, America's Black Sea Fleet: The U.S. Navy Amidst War and Revolution, 1919-1923 by Andrew Forney / 203

Mark Stille, USN Destroyer vs IJN Destroyer: Pacific 1943 by Rob Dienesch / 95

Donald Stoker, Kenneth J. Hagan and Michael T. McMaster (eds.), Strategy in the American War of Independence. A global approach by Phillip Williams / 97

Jon Tetsuro Sumida, In Defence of Naval Supremacy: Finance, Technology and British Naval Policy, 1889-1914 by Matthew Seligmann / 205

Sam J. Tangredi, Anti-Access Warfare: Countering A2/AD Strategies by Jon Scott Logel / 99

Martin Thornton, Churchill, Borden and Anglo-Canadian Naval Relations, 1911-14 by Christopher Bell / 101

Geoffrey Till, Asia's Naval Expansion: an Arms Race in the Making by Ian Dew and Cathy Crewdson / 102

Brian Whitehouse, A Sense of the Sea: Our view of the Sea and How We Got It by Louis Arthur Norton / 207

Glyn Williams, Naturalists at Sea: Scientific Travellers from Dampier to Darwin by W.F.J. Mörzer Bruyns / 104

Greg H. Williams, World War II U.S. Navy Vessels in Private Hands by Ingo Heidbrink / 208

Capt. Robert B. Workman, Jr., USCG (Ret.), Float Planes and Flying Boats. The U.S. Coast Guard and Early Naval Aviation by Robert L. Shoop / 106

Toshi Yoshihara and James R. Holmes, Red Star Over the Pacific. China's Rise and the Challenge to U.S. Maritime Strategy by Ian Dew and Cathy Crewdson / 209

Edward M. Young, Osprey Aircraft of the Aces # 109: American Aces Against the Kamikaze by Robert L. Shoop / 211

Kathryn Young and Rhett Mitchell (eds), The Commonwealth Navies: 100 years of Co-operation by W.A.B. Douglas / 108

Britt Zerbe, The Birth of the Royal Marines, 1664-1802 by Michael Clark / 213

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