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17 February 2011

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      While many back issues are still available at a modest price, the Society believes that the research and scholarship of past issues should be made widely available. The following should be noted:

  • General copyright [both Canadian and International] remains with the Canadian Nautical Research Society. Where images were supplied with permission from other copyright holders, the source is gratefully acknowledged in the caption. No content may be reproduced, except for personal use, without prior written consent.
  • From Volume XVI onwards, the transcriptions are faithful to the published articles. Prior transcriptions have been produced electronically with some manual editing; the Canadian Nautical Research Society will not be held responsible for errors and ommissions. However, comments and suggestions are welcomed by the Archivist.
  • Specifically, for Volumes I to XV, proper names (both personal and geographical), accented characters and the superscripting of footnote/endnote numbering are subject to caution.
  • No content that is less than two years old (currently, 2010, considered as Volume XVIII onwards) will be reproduced electronically. At the completion of each "volume year" a further Volume will be made available here. Please consider Membership to subscribe to current issues, which are all available in hard copy.
  • NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, these files are in .pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader

1 The Northern Mariner/le marin du nord, Vol XIX to date - electronic publication witheld; back issues are available.