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Conference & Annual General Meeting

Lower Lakes, Upper Lakes: Connecting Maritime Heritage

Toronto, 21 June-23 June 2018


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Thursday 21 June
  • 0800 Registration
  • 0830-1000
  • Marti Klein (California State University Fullerton) "Remembering Benjamin Godfrey Stimson – Pioneer of the Great Lakes Maritime Industry"
  • Walter Lewis (CNRS) "Steam comes to the Great Lakes, 1815-1825"
  • Kimberly Monk (Trent University and Brock University) "Whiskey, Trade and Shipwrecks: The Maritime Legacy of Gooderham and Worts"
  • 1000-1030 Break
  • 1030-1200
  • Stephen Hay (University of British Columbia) "Borderlands before the Mast: Wampanoag and Afro-Wampanoag Maritime Workers during a time of Indian Wars, 1742-1765"
  • Tri Tran (University of Tours) "Lake Champlain's Significance and the Revolutionary War"
  • Thomas Malcomson (CNRS) "1815 the Missing Year in a Most Distinguished Career: Sir Edward William Campbell Rich Owen's Post War Command on the Great Lakes"
  • 1200-1330 Lunch on own
  • 1330-1500
  • Jeff Noakes (Canadian War Museum) "A Diverse Talent: William James Roué, 1879-1970"
  • Cathy Enright (author) "Halifax Harbour Pilot Captain Lamont Power, MBE, 1906-1954"
  • 1500-1530 Break
  • 1530-1700
  • Stephen Salmon (Steamer Consulting), "From Investment to Financialization: The Canadian Maritime Commission and Great Lakes Shipping, 1946-1970"
  • Sharon Wall (University of Winnipeg) "'A Sailor's Life is Rugged, You've got to be Quick and Tough': Naval Work, Masculinity, and the 'Good Life' in Early Postwar Canada"
  • Garison Ma (Wilfrid Laurier University) "Ships Ahoy: The Procurement of the Halifax-class Frigates by the Pierre Trudeau Government"
  • Executive Meeting
  • Dinner on own
Friday, 22 June
  • 0800 Registration
  • 0830-1000
  • Samuel McLean (Canadian Nautical Research Society) "Shifting Expertise: The Royal Navy and Professional Certification, 1660-1749"
  • Paul Mansell (Wilfrid Laurier University) "How to Solve an Unsolvable Problem: The Royal Navy's Response to the Typhus Epidemic of 1739-42"
  • Nicholas Kaizer (Dalhousie University) "'It is with deepest regret': Reporting and Reconciling Loss in a Navy Accustomed to Victory"
  • 1000-1030 Break
  • 1030-1200
  • Joseph Zeller (University of New Brunswick) "A Study of Contrast: British and German Prize Courts in World War I"
  • Vladyslav Malska (Dalhousie University) "The Battle of Sable Island: A Snapshot of U.S. Navy Tactics in 1923"
  • Bruce Kemp (author) "The Great Storm of 1913 on the Great Lakes"
  • 1200-1330 Lunch on own
  • 1330-1500
  • Aaron Mior (Golder Associates) "A History of Vessel Construction within Toronto's Western Waterfront and the Potential of Archaelogical Investigations within an Urban Maritime Landscape"
  • Margaret Schotte (York University) "Too Much Math for Mariners? Revisiting the Royal Mathematical Curriculum"
  • Jason Grier (York University) "Contesting Expertise: The Royal Mathematical School Examinations, 1675-1755"
  • 1500-1530 Break – Move to Scott Library, Room 305
  • 1530-1730 Reception and exhibit of documents and photographs from the Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections
  • Announcement of CNRS Award Winners
  • Dinner on own
Saturday, 23 June
  • 0800 Registration
  • 0900-1000
  • Maurice Smith (CNRS) "Ultimate Victory for Merchant Sailors on the Lakes"
  • Richard Goette (Canadian Forces College and Royal Military College of Canada) "RCAF 113 (BR) Squadron and the Battle of the St. Lawrence, 1942"
  • 1000-1015 Break
  • 1015-1200 Annual General Meeting


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