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Canadian Nautical Research Society - Conferences

Conference & Annual General Meeting

Halifax, Nova Scotia – 10-12 August 2017

Canada and Canadians in the Great War at Sea, 1914-19

The 2017 Conference and Annual General Meeting is being held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, 10-12 August 2017, in affiliation with the Royal Canadian Navy. Set in historic Admiralty House, the home of the Naval Museum of Halifax, the timing and location are chosen with regard to 2017 being the centenary of the Halifax Explosion, a defining moment in that port's long history.

As always, subject matter is not restricted to military operations and related issues, but includes a wide range of maritime topics across history, to be presented according to the draft program below (revised as of 23 July 2017).

The conference registration allows for "full" and "daily" rates, and options for tours: of the Maritime Museum of Nova Scotia (including access to HMCS / CGS Acadia); and of sites relating to the Halifax Explosion (separate expense, and limited seating). Light refreshments are included, with lunch available for purchase in the nearby Navy Officers' Wardroom (Juno Tower) at a modest cost.

Membership in the Society is not a requirement for participation in the Conference, but we are confidant you will see the benefits and looking forward to you joining us in Halifax.


Thursday 10 August

O8:00-12:30 – The Great War at Sea

Roger Sarty, Halifax and Convoy, 1917-1918: The First Anglo-US-Canadian Naval Alliance

Michael Moir, The Great War and the Re-emergence of Shipbuilding in Nova Scotia

Fraser McKee, Kingsmill's Tiny Fleet – A Photo Inventory

Sean Campbell, HMCS Grilse – A Maritime Muse

Jill Martin, East Coast Marconi Wireless Operators in the Great War: The Experience of Petty Officer Jim Bouteillier RNR

Jeff Noakes, 'The Navy was his love': The Unusual Naval Career of Robert Benney Brett

12:30-13:30 – Lunch (on your own / Juno Tower)

13:30-15:00 – Afternoon papers

Salvatore Mercogliano, The Transportation of the American Expeditionary Force, an Allied Effort

John Orr, Yanks over Halifax: How indifference and indecision led to the deployment of US Naval Air Forces to Canada in 1918

Jan Drent, A Pacific Bastion of Maritime Empire During the Great War

15:00-17:00 – Maritime Museum of Nova Scotia (optional tour / included in registration)

17:00-19:00 – Dinner (on your own)

18:00-21:00 – CNRS Executive Council Meeting (Juno Tower TBP)

Friday 11 August

08:00-12:30 – The Halifax Explosion

Michael Dupuis, Journalists as First Responders in the Halifax Explosion

Janet Maybee, The 1917 Explosion: A Harbour Pilot's Perspective

Jay White, Garrison to the Rescue: Unsung Heroes of the Great Disaster

Alan Ruffman & Joel Zemel, The 1917 Explosion Cloud as seen in Halifax Harbour: An Ephemeral Signal for Help

Dirk Werle, Early civilian air survey and reconnaissance activities in the Maritimes after the Great War

Tom Tulloch, The Halifax Graving Dock – Before and After the 1917 Explosion

12:30-13:30 – Lunch (on your own)

13:30-16:30 – Halifax Explosion Sites Guided Tour (separate expense, departs from and returns to Naval Museum of Halifax)

16:30-18:00 – Reception and Exhibit Opening: "The RCN & the Halifax Explosion" (Naval Museum of Halifax)

  • Includes CNRS Awards Presentations & Launch of Books by Conference Presenters

18:00 – Dinner (on your own)

Saturday 12 August

08:30-12:30 – Maritime Miscellanea

Samuel McLean, Performer & Audience: Defining the Royal Navy 1660-1749

David More, Other (Canadian) Stuff we never learned about: French-Canadian Mariners in the early post-Conquest Era, 1775-1815

Myriam Alamkan, Les approvisionnements morutiers de la Guadeloupe durant la Seconde Guerre Mondiale

Marie de Lavigne-Aubery, Halifax 1940: Transit for the European Gold

Charles ("Doug") Maginley, Before the Maple Leaf: The Flags of Canada, 1868-1965

Chris Madsen, Counting the Dead and Injured: Longshore Workers and Crown Liability after the 6 March 1945 Greenhill Park Explosion in Vancouver Harbour

John McCallum, The 'Other' Halifax Explosion – the Bedford Ammunition Depot, August 1945


12:30-13:35 – Lunch (on your own / Juno Tower)

13:35-16:00 – CNRS Annual General Meeting



CNRS 2015 Conference Coordinator
Dr Richard Gimblett
33 Greenaway Circle
Port Hope, ON, CANADA
L1A 0B9
Tel: (905) 885-8804


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