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Conférence & Assemblée générale annuelle

Halifax, Canada – 10-12 août 2017

Le Canada et les canadiens dans la Grande Guerre maritime, 1914-19

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This promises to be the only gathering to be held in Canada providing opportunity to survey the various maritime dimensions of the First World War. The conference will be held in affiliation with the Royal Canadian Navy, in historic Admiralty House, the home of the Naval Museum of Halifax, but papers should not be restricted to military operations and related issues. Indeed, the timing and location are chosen with regard to 2017 being the centenary of the Halifax Explosion, a defining moment in that port.s long history, and several presentations on that subject are anticipated. As always, subjects other than the main theme will be given due consideration.

Papers are invited to address any variety of perspectives on this, or related, themes. The Society reserves first right of refusal for publication in our journal The Northern Mariner / Le marin du nord or newsletter Argonauta as appropriate.

Please send a working title, brief abstract, and a short biographical sketch to:

CNRS 2017 Conference Coordinator
Dr Richard Gimblett
33 Greenaway Circle, Port Hope, ON, L1A 0B9
email: or



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